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WHAT THE FU#% IS A FU, YOU ASK? Well, for starters, it’s pronounced “foo” and is actually not an acronym for “fuck you”. Fu’s Custom Tattoo was named for

View and download thousands of unique Ambigram Tattoo Lettering Designs. Phrases, names, and themed ambigram Tattoo Designs. Featuring Mark Palmer, custom tattoo and

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Tattoo.com lets you collect the tattoos you love. Add and share tattoos plus try on free designs.

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E Ink Tattoos that Change with your Mood. Uses Safe Sub-dermal Implants! How many people do you know who regret their tattoo? You grow up, you dump (or get dumped

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CUSTOM ARTWORK. If you can’t put it on paper, you can’t scratch it on skin. We have over 40 years of combined talent and the oldest established tattoo shop in Aurora

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Matching “It’s Lit” tattoos on me and a buddy. Brian Holt North Star Tattoo Colorado Springs, CO (Source: the-curandero-)

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Ogden’s Oldest and Finest Tattoo Parlour. Brandon Lewis, Scott Richardson, and Damion Saunders.

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